EIZO Competition: Colour Festival
Visual Identity, Branding, Advertising

Festival of Colour. Imagine an international event that seeks to celebrate and explore the wonder of colour to be held at London Olympia Exhibition Centre.  Develop a fitting identity for the event and devise
a media campaign to launch the inaugural event in 2017.

The visual identity for the colour festival consists of using the graphical element ‘Dots’ to represent the keywords, monitors and pixels; both identified to be important words after researching into ‘colour’ and the client ‘EIZO’. Taking inspiration from the visual artist Daniele Buetti, who would poke dots physically into photographs allowing light to shine through them; we created colourful and dynamic visuals which emphasise movement, enhance the beauty of the image and celebrate the explosion of colour. The festival name “Omni Chroma” means ‘All Colour’. We wanted the imagery to engage and excite the viewers, and ultimately promote the festival as an exciting, lively and professional international celebration of colour.
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