Editorial Design, Print

Design an original, innovative solution for a current social, political or environmental issue. Generate solutions and provocations that will call people to action and can lead to genuine impact.

It is estimated that 7.3 million tonnes of household food waste is thrown away each year in the UK; 4.4 million tonnes of which was believed to be ‘avoidable waste’, that was edible at some point before it was put in the bin (Smithers, 2017; Wrap, 2015). The “High Five Cook Book” is a set of five recipe books giving innovative recipe ideas for using up the top five most wasted household food items in the UK; namely bread, milk, potatoes, cheese and apples. The books have been designed to represent the physical proportions of the respective food item. The whole project has been designed around the theme of sustainability, hence all the materials used are recycled.

The numbering on the book covers is a graphical element, visually raising awareness of the top five wasted food items. The books would be placed next to the relevant food items as well as the tills. Profit from sales would be donated to charities working towards minimising food waste.
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