YCN Brief: Action on Hearing Loss
Advertising Campaign

Create a campaign that “visualises hearing loss”.

There is more to hearing loss than just the loss of hearing. My campaign is designed to go beyond the obvious and raise awareness of the mental and emotional issues that often accompany the physical loss of hearing. These are issues that people seldom consider or even think about. Individuals with hearing loss can suffer from loneliness, depression, exasperation and fear. By focussing on and illustrating these aspects, I hope to surprise people and make them think more deeply about hearing loss in general and draw greater attention to the work of “Action on Hearing Loss”.
I have created an animation which can be used on all social media platforms. It can be used for Instagram stories, Facebook and Twitter posts, Snapchat, and YouTube adverts. Link to view the animation:
I have designed the home page of the charity’s website. This will enable the target audience to read and learn more about the mental emotions one can go through as a result of hearing loss. This design would be exclusively used during the duration of the ad campaign.
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